Carrie Sherburne has been designing our web site, newsletters, marketing materials and labels for us for over 12 years. She is not only a creative artists, but also an incredibly professional and talented business person. She takes design to higher levels with her contributions in content and strategy. She has a deep knowledge of ecommerce and marketing and can assist and contribute to our business on multiple levels. We've thrown plenty of curveballs and fire drills to her over the years and she always responds with grace under pressure and a fantastic final product! I highly recommend working with Carrie on your graphic and business needs! "

- Susan A. Mahler
Cypher Winery

In addition to being a top notch designer, Carrie is a joy to work with. She is calm when others are in panic. She stays ahead of the curve in new technology, brings her exceptional talents to difficult challenges and gets the job done without fail ."

- susan Kennedy
The Smuggler's daughter

Carrie is extremely competent, creative and a pleasure to work with. She looks at projects from all sides, bringing additional value and insight to everything she creates. Her designs are unique, intelligent and thoughtful. She is extremely versatile and I can't imagine what type of project I could hire her for, that she could not design and manage to fruition. In addition to her considerable creative skills, Carrie is an exceptional project manager—which I think is just as important in being a successful Creative Director. She prepares detailed and accurate estimates and always provides timely updates of where the project stands relative to remaining budget dollars. "

- don McCormick
healthcare inspirations

Carrie and I worked on proposals for large public sector construction projects. Her graphic / design talent was a great fit for my writing skills. Moreover, we had a ton of fun chasing deadlines, and I never had to wait for Carrie to catch up! "

- V-Anne Chernock
Vice Chair
Transportation Authority of Marin Citizens Oversight Committee

I've exclusively used Sherburne Design for many years and am always very pleased with Carrie's professionalism and responsiveness. She's one of the top designers in the market and plays an integral part of any team that I put together that requires creativity and attention to detail. As a marketing & business development company, we come across many designers, but I honestly say that Sherburne Design is second to none. "

- mark White
Managing Director
Market Diligence Group

Carrie and I worked as a designer (her) / editorial (me) team... and it was a terrific partnership all around. She's very approachable and sensitive to client needs, and committed to making the client happy. I found working with her made me look good, and vice versa! We got the job done, every time. "

think story

I have worked with Carrie on many projects over the years. Her designs are fantastic and complete. Her style and diversity allow her to produce evocative designs that compel the target audience to action. I have never been disappointed in her work or her turn around times. More often than not she is waiting on you to make up your mind. Trust her judgment and you will not be disappointed. "

- AJ Mahler
Author, Publisher
White Bradford Publishing

Carrie is the ultimate expert in what she does. No matter what is asked of her, she provides..and does it with excellence! From web site design and management to making flyers and logos, she is the one I would trust with my business advertising. I would recommend Carrie of Sherburne Design for all your graphics needs. "

- Lisa
the right Click
Computer Learning Center